Your first poker coaching session

It is important to benefit from a poker coaching session as much as possible as it is not inexpensive and the improvement to your game can equate to a large increase in your long-term profits. In order to get the most out of a coaching session, here are a few suggestions.

The first thing you must do is honestly evaluate your playing ability. It is human nature to think we are better than we are at many things, including poker. To get the most from your coaching session, it is very important that you don’t enter it in a defensive mode. You must be open to constructive criticism or you may waste your time and money.

The next thing I suggest is making a complete list of both your strengths and weaknesses. Always remember that poker is a game centered on utilizing your strengths and taking maximum advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses. This is the way to profitable play and what your good opponents will be trying to do. By recognizing your weaknesses, your poker coach can help you find ways to strengthen them and cover them up so your opponents can’t use them against you. Your poker coach may also be able to help you maximize your strengths.

Make a list of things you hope to accomplish. Do you want to improve your limit Texas holdem game or your no limit game? Maybe you want to improve your play from middle position or in the small blind. The more information you are able to provide your coach, the better chance he or she has to help you accomplish your goals.

I mentioned goals in the last paragraph. They are the last things I will recommend today. Set a solid goal or series of goals for your poker coaching experience. An example would be that you want to improve your hourly profit at the limit Texas holdem tables from ½ a big bet to one big bet. Whatever your goals are, make sure you track them to see your improvement.

Preparation is Key

Here is a quick checklist to get ready for your first poker coaching session. Each of these is discussed more in depth in the article; so if you want to learn more about any item, just take a quick look.

1) Make an honest evaluation of your current playing ability. 2) Make a thorough list of your strengths.
3) Make a thorough list of your weaknesses.
4) Make a list of items you want to accomplish.
5) Set a goal or series of goals.

Getting the most from your poker coaching